Triton Systems is a Global Business Venture company that successfully launches innovative products and solutions in emerging markets worldwide. We invest in new technologies through in-house incubation and external partnerships – creating thriving businesses from novel ideas.

Business Ventures

Ventures Include:

Aduro Biotech

Aduro Biotech (Aduro), a Triton launched company formed in 2010, stays at the forefront of discovery, development and commercialization of immunotherapies, alone or in combination; that make transformative advances in the treatment of challenging diseases.

FRX Polymers, Inc.

FRX Polymers, Inc., a (formed by Triton in 2007) manufactures Nofia® polyphosphonates - fire resistant plastics. Nofia products are fully transparent, high flowing and, due to their high phosphorus content, are inherently flame retardant. 


Fluence specializes in developing energy-efficient wastewater treatment solutions. The company’s innovative Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactor (MABR) technology is installed at sites around the world.


Sensera is an integrated, fast turnaround client-specific designer and manufacturer of specialized high performance microsensors and micro-fabricated components for the Healthcare, Industrial, Defense and Aerospace markets.

Emerging Technologies

Key to our process is to research, identify and incubate emerging technologies that are in line with our strategic market focus. Through our in-house incubation operations or through outside partnerships and adopted technologies, we provide market driven solutions that effect the world around us. Emerging technologies include:

Featured Incubated Products

Traceptor™ Preconcentrator

A Plug and Play ‘Sensitivity Amplifier’ that enables chemical sensors for threat and contraband detection.

MEMS Sensors & Manufacturing

Sensera designs, engineers and manufactures MEMS-based sensors and other devices for industrial, medical and defense applications.

FRA Composites
(Fiber Reinforced Aluminum)

Triton FRA Composites is a fiber reinforced aluminum composite that offers light weight and high strength alternatives to heavy steel for bearing applications.

Latest News

Triton Partners with Terragenic to Develop Novel, Low Cost, Safe Hydrogen Energy Solutions for the Transportation Industry

CHELMSFORD, Mass, December 11, 2017:Triton and Terragenic, Ltd. of Tirat-Carmel, Israel to develop and commercialize hydrogen storage, transport and on-demand generation solutions for the transportation industry.

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Triton Celebrates 25 Years of Innovation

CHELMSFORD, Mass, November 14, 2017: Triton Systems (Triton) recently held an anniversary event at its headquarters in Chelmsford, MA to celebrate 25 years of success.

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Triton Systems Launches New Company Video

CHELMSFORD, Mass, October 1, 2017: To celebrate Triton's 25 Years in Busines, Triton launched a new video showcasing it's accomplishments, technologists and the vision of the company for the next generation of innovation. To view:


Sensera Offers Location Awareness for the Internet of Things through Location Data Analytics

Intelligent Business Results Through Location Data Analytics

WOBURN, MA, February 8, 2018: : Location-awareness expert nanotron Technologies GmbH, subsidiary of Sensera Limited (ASX: SE1), announces today its focus on providing enhanced Location Awareness for the Internet of Things through Location Data Analytics.

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FRX Polymers' CEO, Marc Lebel, Enabling Innovation in 2018 and Beyond

CHELMSFORD, Mass., January 1, 2018: With the start of a new year, it is always a good time to reflect on the past and plan for the future. Looking back, I am very proud what we have achieved: a new product family which is transforming the flame retardant industry and, with the help of our customers, is making the previously impossible, possible. 

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Fluence Named 2018 Global Decentralized Water & Wastewater Treatment Company of the Year

NEW YORK, January 29, 2018: Fluence Corporation Limited (ASX: FLC) (“Fluence” or the “Company”), announced today that it has been awarded the 2018 Global Decentralized Water & Wastewater Treatment Company of the Year Award, by Frost & Sullivan (“Frost”), as part of their Best Practices Awards.

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