Efficient light management is essential to achieve high efficiency, improved image resolution and light quality of luminaries and displays. At Triton, we are developing technologies that are critical components for improving efficiency and quality of light generation, light conversion, light detection, imaging and electro-optic devices.

Specifically, we are developing technologies for high efficiency light generation devices, such as LEDs and OLEDs, photovoltaic power generation arrays, imagers and displays and, photonic sensors.

Effectively managing light transmission through the interface between solid-to-solid or solid-to-air medium, where light rays are reflected and scattered, is essentially required to achieve efficient light management.  We achieve this goal by employing a nanostructured surface coating technology. The nanostructured surface coating creates a gradient reflective index interface at which light rays are transmitted through without reflection, even at high angles of incident.

Triton's nanostructured AR coating technology enables minimized light reflection at high angles of incident, consequently, eliminate glint and glare, maximize light absorption for solar cells, from dawn to dusk, and maximize light extraction from light generation devices.  


  • Solar cell arrays
  • Solid state light generation devices
  • Imaging and display devices
  • Radiation detectors
  • Photonic sensors and detectors