Triton has been working with the US Navy for years to conceive, prototype, and test technology that addresses operational needs in anti-submarine warfare and sea-basing.  Triton's team combines expertise in autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs / UUVs), acoustics, electronics, and technology venturing to launch new marine robotics technologies.

TURTLE – Traveling Undersea Recon Terminal for Littoral Environments

Triton is developing a more effective and economical anti-submarine warfare (ASW) solution to monitor the area around a sea base, port, shipping lane, or littoral area of interest.   Dubbed TURTLE, this vehicle uses energy harvesting techniques to transit long distances, hold station for months in high-current environments found in littoral areas, and conduct discreet surveillance.   

SeaStar Anchor

Triton has recently developed the SeaStar Anchor, an automated shallow water anchoring/ securing system. This system is suitable for use in all bottom conditions encountered by U.S. Navy craft. The SeaStar Anchor reduces scope of anchor line and does not need to be redeployed in the case of high sea state or tidal change. The automated anchoring system reduces the likelihood of error while requiring less personnel, time, and training. The SeaStar Anchor can be scaled for use on small and large vessels, as well as floating platform systems.