Triton Systems is creating leading edge systems with expertise in electronics, sensors, and integrated circuits. The combination of these technologies has allowed Triton to create miniature systems for applications including nanoelectronic sensors, trace chemical and biological sensors, and physiological monitoring. In addition, Triton also has initiatives in neural interfaces and energy harvesting devices to create self-powered, autonomous implantable systems. Triton has a full suite of electronics test and rework equipment, as well as access to state of the art sensor development facilities.

In-Ear Sensing

Triton Systems has a long-term effort in the development of miniaturized systems targeted at sensing within the ear canal. Parameters of interest include pressure, sound, and physiological measures with applications including hearing protection validation, hearing protection performance, and health monitoring.


Triton Systems is demonstrating the ability to produce functionalized graphene FETs with high repeatability. The sensors are designed using graphene FETs functionalized with diazonium, and are aimed at high-volume production. The sensors are targeted at detecting pathogens, hormones, and other relevant chemicals in complex fluids.

Food Safety

Triton has developed a field portable testing system for biological and chemical contaminates in food for the Army.  A sample processing method is used to homogenized and separated food samples for trace toxicant analysis.  Phase II demonstrated field portable assays for cyanide, arsenic and pesticide detection in food.  The technology  has been selected for a Phase 2 enhancement project to facilitate technology transition.