Triton Announces Launch of Sensera Inc to Focus on Rapidly Growing Microsensors and Microcomponents Business

Transaction positions the company in the Rapidly Growing IoT Sensors Revolution

October 25, 2016, Chelmsford, MA: Triton Systems Inc. (Triton), a technology and business venturing company, today announced the acquisition of its microsensor and microcomponent business, Sensera Inc (Sensera) by Sensera Pty Ltd, headquartered in Melbourne, Australia.  Sensera will continue to operate in Chelmsford, Massachusetts and will focus on the design and manufacturing of specialized high performance microsensors and micro-fabricated components for the healthcare, industrial, security and aerospace and defense markets. Triton will remain a major stakeholder in the new entity. The transaction will enhance Sensera’s growth strategy and brings gravitas to the company’s pipeline of MEMs based sensors being manufactured for a number of Fortune 500 clients. 

Incubated at Triton, Sensera offers a vertically integrated microsensor design, microfabrication and fast turn manufacturing capability at its state-of-the-art facility in Massachusetts.  This capability addresses a large unserved need for rapid development of high value added solutions for sophisticated healthcare, industrial and defense products — a $3.8B market with a 15% CAGR. 

Sensera works closely with its customers for specialized product execution and Matched-to-MarketSM volume manufacturing, whereby production requirements are efficiently and cost-effectively matched to the demands specific to our customers' volume requirements — whether it is custom design and small run manufacturing or transition to high throughput demand.  Sensera also develops products from internally derived intellectual property.

Mr. Matt Morgan, Executive Chairman of Sensera Pty Ltd stated that, “Sensera is positioned to fulfill a need in the marketplace for our clients who require structurally complex high-value-added MEMS devices and other micro-fabricated components with rapid turn around and an affordable cost model. I’m thrilled to engage such an experienced and passionate team. We expect our services will offer customers in defense, industrial and healthcare markets solutions that aren’t sufficiently met.”

“This is great example of Triton’s continued success to incubate and commercialize business ventures driven by advanced technology and offering real solutions to the marketplace, said Ross Haghighat, Chairman and CEO of Triton. “Our business philosophy continues to demonstrate that great ideas are everywhere, and so are markets — the Sensera venture launches a truly global endeavor from the start with an excellent management team both in Massachusetts and in Australia.”  

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Sensera Inc is headquartered in Chelmsford, MA with a manufacturing facility in Woburn, MA. Sensera works with customers in the medical, industrial, and defense and aerospace markets as a manufacturer of microsensor devices and micro-fabricated components for client-specific devices.  Sensera works closely with the client to implement a quality-system based manufacturing process that provides timely delivery in volumes matched to that client’s needs.

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Triton Systems, (Triton) is a full service business venturing organization that incubates, funds and transforms technologies into global enterprises.  Headquartered in Chelmsford, MA, Triton has grown to a global footprint by taking breakthrough ideas in a broad range of disciplines and creating a series of commercial products and independent spin-offs - represented by over $3B in shareholder value across its portfolio of companies.  By partnering in-house technical, business and financial expertise with targeted external resources, we deliver creative solutions to the marketplace through licensed products, joint ventures and independent entities.  Our company spinoffs, products and divisions include: FRX Polymers, Inc. (, Aduro Biotech (, Emefcy Group (, FRA Composites (, Invexus (, Si2 Technologies (, VOmax ( and the Egret™ Bednet Tent (, and Sensera Inc (